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About the Foundation

In June of 1988, the Odessa Memorial Hospital Board of Commissioners had a desire to set up a foundation structured in such a way as to have positive and long-term effects on the healthcare needs of Lincoln Country Hospital District #1 and the community of Odessa.

Our Mission

The Odessa Healthcare Foundation exists to improve the healthcare of the community served by the Lincoln County Public Hospital District #1, and to obtain and provide funds to support this effort.

About Us

Founded in 1989, the function of the Odessa Healthcare Foundation was to build and manage an endowment fund to put the district’s health care services on a more certain financial footing; become a vehicle to encourage people to consider remembering the community in their wills, estate planning, memorials, and current philanthropic budgets and to become an option for those who would like to keep their gifting dollars within the community of Odessa. Those investment funds received are invested and managed by the Board of Directors. Those investments are available for purchasing equipment, offering scholarships, implementing new health care or wellness programs, physician recruitment, emergency needs, reduction of taxes and other needs such as renovations. The Odessa Healthcare Foundation’s Annual Wine Tasting, Microbrew Sampling and Auction is the primary fundraiser and its success is critical to continue the mission of quality healthcare.

The Odessa Healthcare Foundation is a 501(c)3.

How to Donate

Your gift of an auction item or direct financial donation towards our event is greatly appreciated. Donations can be mailed to Odessa Healthcare Foundation, PO Box 368, Odessa, WA 99159.

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OHF Scholarships are Available!

Upcoming Events

Wine Tasting, Microbrew Sampling & Auction

Join the Odessa Healthcare Foundation for it’s 30th annual wine tasting, microbrew sampling & auction!