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In-House Laboratory Services

An Overview of In-House Laboratory Services

Quality health care tops the priority list towards leading a happy and long life. Medicine and health care continue to evolve by leaps and bounds through science and research. Different schools of thought have different beliefs and methodologies of treating disease or illness. It is important to be aware of the medical services available in the nearby vicinity and the services they provide.

An ideal health care facility provides in-patient and outpatient facilities presided over by skilled professionals. As is often overlooked, laboratory services are indispensable to the overall efficiency and functioning of the establishment. Routine and targeted tests are prescribed in order to arrive at the right diagnosis and treatment plan.

In-House Laboratory Services | Odessa Memorial Health Center

Why Is It Important?

What may be perceived as a simple test can often be the reason a life is saved. From the common cold to the most aggressive forms of cancer, all conditions present themselves with indicators to watch out for. Due to lack of awareness or a negligent attitude these crucial signs are very commonly mistaken or overlooked. Diagnostic tests provide us with the clarity and understanding that there is something abnormal going on. Multiple studies have shown that there is a significant increase in survival rate if the condition is detected early. Workplaces have made pre-appointment and annual health check-ups mandatory in order to improve efficiency and maintain good standards of health. Having a well-equipped laboratory in your neighborhood is a blessing in disguise.

Wide Range of Scenarios

An in-house laboratory handles a multitude of scenarios that need monitoring and vigilance. Appointments, as well as direct walk-ins, are encouraged and results are given as early as possible. In health care centers with inpatient facilities, there is regular testing done for diagnostic, treatment as well as maintenance purposes. Level V emergency centers are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure patients are stable and constantly monitored. Care needs to be taken in acute, post-acute, and chronic conditions. Each scenario entails different tests to be done at specific intervals to determine whether the patient is improving or deteriorating. It is safe to conclude that the test results play a major role in the patient’s successful recovery to normalcy. And it’s not just in-patients! Most laboratories also accept samples from other doctors as well as hospitals for reporting.

Comprehensive Care Services | Odessa Memorial Health Center

Comprehensive Care Services

Laboratories offer a broad spectrum of tests and results which help not only with the diagnosis but also in the monitoring and prevention of potentially life-threatening conditions.

  • Evaluation of a patient’s metabolic panel can give insights into thyroid function. A higher metabolic rate indicates increased production of thyroid hormones causing weight loss and fatigue. A lower value, on the other hand, points to a decreased function.
  • Very often, simple blood tests can be the starting point leading to uncovering a bigger condition. A complete blood count gives the values of various cells present, variations in which give the medical staff a starting point to begin narrowing down the problem. For example, when clotting time is increased there is a deficiency in the blood clotting factors which can be acquired or inherited.
  • Prothrombin Time/International Normalized Ratio (PT/INR) are crucial factors to be considered before all major and a few minor surgeries. They determine whether the patient’s system can handle the surgical procedure and prepare beforehand to compensate for the loss of blood during surgery.
  • High-risk patients need to be constantly monitored with regular testing to be prepared in the event of an emergency. Cardiac markers such as lactic acid, creatine kinase/troponin, and B-type natriuretic peptide are most commonly elevated during a heart attack, and monitoring these markers is our best chance yet to predict the occurrence of a future event.
  • The acute respiratory panel is a common test that uses a nasopharyngeal swab to identify up to 22 pathogens which include bacteria and viruses in approximately 1 hour. Polymerase Chain Reaction is done to identify some of the main pathogens including severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and the infectious Mycoplasma family of bacteria.
  • The liver panel consists of a series of tests done from a simple blood draw from a vein in the arm. They include important enzymes and molecules such as Aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alanine aminotransferase (ALT), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), bilirubin, globulin, and albumin.
  • Another important category of patients who benefit greatly from in-house laboratory services are those in the post-acute phase of treatment. Albeit out of danger, their medicines need to be administered constantly and monitored sincerely to ensure the condition does not relapse. Specialized infusions such as those given for cancer treatment required skilled expertise available at arm’s length.
  • Health care also includes lifestyle measures such as diet and nutrition planning, physiotherapy, and athletic training through in-person treatments as well as virtual platforms. Finally, provisions always exist to transport a patient to a higher facility when a higher level of care is required.
  • Urine analysis is a very reliable and strong indicator of various underlying issues. This is a direct way to assess kidney function. Since kidneys are considered the excretory organ of the body, urinalysis can point to the problematic organ with sufficient accuracy. The quality, quantity, color, specific gravity, and constituents are the most common characteristics which are evaluated and assessed.

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