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It’s Almost Summer Time! This is a great time to schedule your child’s wellness exam and sports physical for next school year.

May 26, 2023


As the school year ends and summer plans ramp up be sure to schedule your child’s wellness exam. If your kids are playing sports next year, we can use their wellness exam to complete their school sports physical at the same time.

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What Is a Well-Child Visit?

A well-child visit is a medical check-up to ensure children are healthy and developing correctly. It’s an opportunity to discuss any concerns and address any medical or developmental issues. Well-child visits take a holistic approach to your child’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being, so missing them can interrupt your child’s care and leave potential health concerns unnoticed.

As a part of your child’s wellness visit the OMHC medical professionals will examine your child, measure their height and weight, discuss their medical history, update the medical needs, review any medications, and answer any questions you might have about their health and wellbeing. Our medical providers will also perform developmental assessments to identify delays in cognitive, social, or motor development. Detecting any concerns early is important so treatments can be more effective. They will also talk to you about your child’s emotions and behavior to monitor their mental health. Whether it is depression, anxiety, or learning difficulties, your doctor can offer appropriate interventions or refer you to a specialist to provide support.

Depending on their age, they may also receive vaccinations to safeguard against diseases like measles, chicken pox, and whooping cough.

A well-child visit aims to promote overall wellness, prevent infections, and detect health issues early on. It is a proactive way to help keep your child healthy.

Why Are Well-Child Visits Important for School Children?

During the school year, well-child visits can protect children from getting sick more easily. These visits are also essential to ensure they receive all the necessary vaccines before starting school. Well-child visits differ from physical exams, which may be mandatory for sports participation, as they do not offer a comprehensive medical assessment.

Well-child visits offer protection for children through regular vaccinations. These vaccinations help prevent life-threatening illnesses that can quickly spread in schools, so schools typically have vaccination requirements. In addition to vaccinations, well-child visits include routine vision and hearing tests to determine whether your child needs glasses, hearing aids, or other corrective measures.

How Often Should My Child Have a Well-Child Visit?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that children have a well-child visit from infancy until they become teenagers to ensure they receive appropriate care and support regularly. Infants and younger children require more visits as they are in a period of rapid development. You can reduce the frequency of the visits after age three. The well-child visit can be bi-annual or annual for school children, depending on their age.

The AAP also recommends that all children have a yearly sports physical, even if they don’t participate in sports. Delaying physicals or well-child visits is not a good idea because it can increase the risk of illness and prevent timely interventions. It’s essential to follow the recommended schedule to keep your child healthy.

To schedule your Child’s Well check call us at 509-343-3933

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What Are the Benefits of Well-Child Visits?

During a well-child visit, doctors establish a team approach where they work with parents like you to ensure a child’s overall well-being. A visit provides you with the following benefits.

1. Track Growth

Well-child visits help you check whether your child is growing healthy. Regular consultations allow you to track their height, weight, and head circumference from those early months to their teenage years. By comparing these measurements with growth charts, you can address any concerns.

2. Monitor Development

Physical growth is just one aspect of a child’s overall health. Well-child visits allow us to monitor their developmental milestones like speech and language skills, motor coordination, and social interactions. From their first words to social interactions, you can ensure they hit those important markers and provide support if needed.

3. Health Records

Well-child visits contribute to building comprehensive health records that contain vital information, including immunization history, growth charts, and developmental assessments. Having readily available medical records helps healthcare providers deliver personalized and effective care.

4. School Assistance

Since these vaccinations generally differ by grade and age, well-child visits can help you navigate the school requirements smoothly. Pediatricians can ensure your children meet the health requirements for school entry by taking care of everything from immunization records to completing necessary forms.

5. Injury Prevention

As a parent, you’ll gain valuable guidance on preventing injuries and ensuring your child’s safety with a well-child visit. You can freely ask any question ranging from home safety tips to concerns related to sports participation to create a secure environment for your children to grow and thrive.

6. Building Trust

Regular well-child visits foster a trusting relationship between your child, you, and your pediatrician. Once you build trust through constant engagement, children feel more comfortable opening up to their pediatricians. This relationship extends beyond the physical aspect of healthcare, encompassing emotional well-being and overall development.

7. Preventative Care

Maintaining the health of our children relies heavily on prevention. Through well-child visits, you can stay ahead by providing necessary immunizations, screenings, and discussions about healthy habits. By addressing potential health risks early on, you can set your children up for a lifetime of wellness.

  • By intervening early, children have a higher chance of successful treatment and improved health outcomes.
  • Regular check-ups, screenings, and vaccinations help identify and manage conditions before they become more severe. This helps reduce the need for extensive healthcare support and associated costs.
  • With the help of healthy habits and guidance on nutrition and exercise, children will also have all the tools to maintain optimal health throughout their lives.
  • Regular check-ins can also improve a child’s overall well-being and success in school and life.

To schedule your Child’s Well check call us at 509-343-3933.